Well Shit.

yea i havent been here in awhile. i got lazy and i go to school so im not near my records so i cant put them up from long island. ill get on that soon i just picked up two Outlast 7ins so ill get on that when i listen to them.

colin of arabia snitch

i picked this one up at the donnybrook! show a few months ago. theres a lot a like about this record. the first being that the cover is actually a big fake movie poster. two of which i got a this is hardcore 08 when colin was just handing them out at the door. as for the album itself its not bad. 4 songs all around a minute or so. the thing i dig about coa is that colins voice has this really raw quality about it, and every time i listen to it i can just picture him just going all out. they also have that hard thrash sound which is always cool. this ones green and red.

bitter end guilty as charged

so this is the new album from bitter end. i picked this up at the show they played with donnybrook! and the mongoloids. i like what they did with this one even though i thought that it could have had more riffs like the previous album. what they did do was get more metal which isnt all that bad. to be honest i havent really listened to this album all that much so more likely then not i will add more to this after i have listened more. i really dig the color it is a coke bottle clear with some black in the middle.

so i just listened to most of this in the car and i feel that i can more accuratly describe whats going on. first of all, one of the things that makes this bands style is Daniel Rosen's lyrics and vocal style. i have noticed that there are politically and socially themed songs, and even though im sure there are other bands i listen to that do the same there is something about Bitter End that just makes me notice it more. this brings me to Rosen's vocals. now i have noticed that it doesnt seem like screaming but more like he's talking loudly. the best comparison i can think to make is like the singer of death threat. the other thing about this album is that it seems that they got heavier and a little bit more metal. its not something i can really explain but if you listen to the album and keep this in mind it should make sense.

the mongoloids new beginnings 7

so this is the latest from the mongoloids. for those who dont know the only original member is greg the rest are fill ins. now at first i was sketchy on that because i wondered how could you have the mongos without the rest of the dudes? well the answer is this 7in. i heard word before i listened to this that they actually got better with new members. well they did. its only four songs but in comparison to their last album(which had the real members) i like this a lot more. to be honest if they kept going with whoever they had when they recorded id still listen to them. apparently this vinyl is, according to joey cox, a test press or something like it of the new album. i think he said there was only like 45 or so pressed. i dont know how true this is but whatever i would have bought it anyway.

donnybrook, bitter end, the mongoloids at fun station usa

alright so i got into donnybrook right around the time lions in this game came out. that was about i wanna say 5 ish years ago. tonight was my first time seeing them. it was great. it was also my first time seeing bitter end and they did not disappoint. the mongoloids were pretty good too they played some new stuff and greg said some funny things. i walked away from this one with a tank from donnybrook, bitter ends new album, the new mongoloids 7, and coa snitch. theses will be the next three things that go up in the next few days. over there is the flyer. its kinda lame but whatever. oh and according to joey cox who roadied for the mongos on this tour i went off during donnybrook! and was apparently the most stoked person to see them the entire tour. at least thats what my friends told me he said.

the mongoloids self titled 7in

this is i believe the first release by the mongoloids. i dig the album art because its the flash, green lantern, superman, and batman all as some form of food item. im pretty sure that most of theses songs ended up on time trials. i got this one from masi. its on clear blue vinyl.

bracewar self titled 7in

i got this one from my friend pesce. he said he got it at the same show i got the whatever it takes demo at. well he was full of shit because if that was true i would have bought it. but anyway its a good record. the cover is the same as the ep except this one is like a negative of that cover. ts got 7 tracks on black vinyl.

blacklisted peace on earth war on stage

so i dont really remember where i got this one. it came out before heavier than heaven and the songs memory layne and canonized are on both albums. im not sure what else to say other than it came out before heavier than heaven so it pretty much sounds like that which isnt a bad thing because im really into that album. this one is on a whiteish grey or greyish white vinyl. oh and the cover unfolds into a poster.

blacklisted eccentrichine

i got this one at the same show i got the 12in from. this album is pretty much a continuation of the new album no one deserves to be here more than me. it has two new songs and an alternate version of the P.i.g. and and acoustic version of the song wish from the album heavier than heaven lonelier than god. this one is on dark red vinyl and as you can see has a little streak of black in it.

south jersey hardcore down but not out

alright so this was the other record that nina got for me for my birthday. this came out in 97 so for those of you who where around then maybe you'll know who these bands are because i have never heard of them. its four bands with one song each. the bands are spirit of 88, down for da count, burnside, and da real deal. best way to describe these bands is to think of fury of five. ill be honest its not really my thing but i do take some pride in being from new jersey so with that said i do enjoy this especially because its a reminder of when new jersey actually had a scene that was alive.

terror rhythm amongst the chaos

i like terror. they always put on a good show and scott vogel always encourages stagedives. i got this one from my friend nina for my birthday. as for this record its not bad and makes for a good little jam. i especially dig the colors. according to the reaper records site it is "White and Black Inside Out Vinyl". to me it has a look that reminds me of paint in water because of the way it mixes. they also do a cover of breakdowns "kickback".

new found glory listen to your friends single

yep its a single which means its only one song. one side is the actual song and the other side is a karaoke version of the song. its a great song and i enjoy listening to it. the only bummer about this record is that its 2 versions of the same song. which is why i didnt pay for this one. it was at the hot topic near my school and honestly 5 bills for two songs is horse shit and really not worth paying. now dont get me wrong im all for supporting the bands but its not like nfg is gunna miss my 5 bills. this one came out in red, white, and blue. all clear. it also came with a poster.

blacklisted no one deserves to be here more than me

now i normally wouldnt do two in one day but i figure i missed a day so ill make up for it. plus i feel like this album pertains to a conversation i had last night. so i got this album when they play in amityville. except we got there late and it was over when we got there. so we went in anyway and just hit up the merch table. im really into what they did on this album. it feels like a blacklisted album even though its not really heavy at all. i have heard some people say that they just want to prove they can be different. now that may be so but who cares. its not like they really changed their style at all. they just slowed things down. lyrically they are still the same and musically it feels the same and thats what i think is special about the album. it gives me the same feeling i get when i listen to older blacklisted and thats what is so good about this album. this one is orange with black splatter.

coa/pow split

this is yet another record that came from the double or nothing booth at last years this is hardcore. originally me and my friend bushover ordered the package deal with all 3 colors but it was sold out and he ended up getting his money back. this one as you can see is on clear yellow, and the sides are labeled boy to man (pow side) and man to beast(coa side). Colin of Arabia has 2 songs on and Product of Waste has 3. the first coa song is save it for the judge, now the thing about this song is i know somewhere i heard a version that has this intro where someone (im assuming colin)goes stop play it like this or something along those lines. anyway its a good album makes for a good little jam.

also it was recently brought to my attention that i have apparently been incorrectly saying vinyls instead of just vinyl. i apologize to any and all i may have offended.

bracewar whatever it takes demo

i got this one when i saw them for the first time at the clara barton first aid in edison. this is the album that got me into bracewar. it was also one of the first vinyls i ever bought. its 4 songs. their hard and has serious pitability. its clear and the album art is pretty cool.

war hungry/ bad seed split 7

i got this one from masi. its not bad. i really dig war hungry and bad seed isnt bad either. 2 war hungry tracks and 1 bad seed track. this one is yellow.

trash talk east of eden

this came out right before the new album and only has two songs that are put together into one song. those songs being east of eden and son of a bitch. its one sided on clear vinyl. apparently there are also three different inserts. all in all its not a bad record my only issue being that its short but then again theres only two songs.

the mongoloids/kids like us split 7

this is the split that came from double or nothing records. 3 songs from each band. kids like us covers the song rain dogs by tom waits. i dont know who that is but its a good song. the cover of the record is ted bundy and the record itself is black. i got this at this is hardcore from the double or nothing booth.

gypsy self titled 7

gypsy is a band that is made up of dudes from bad seed, let down, cold world, and blacklisted. they say they are kinda like jawbreaker. well i dont listen to jawbreaker so the best comparison i can make is think of it as more of a rock album then a hardcore album. i dig it. my only complaint is that they only have two songs. with that said i hope this band does more than just this record. this one is black and i got it from my friend chris.

bear trap fueled by self hate

i pick this one up at this is hardcore last summer from the double or nothing table. the thing about this album is that i went to go see bear trap at the same hole in the wall show energy played. the issue being a few of the bands got sick and bear trap was one of them so they didnt play but there merch was there. so for free i picked up the album on a cd and with it was a piece of paper that pretty much said bring this to us at a show and we'll give you i think it was 5 or 10 % off the actual record. the record itself isnt bad. short aggressive songs that sound kinda raw but in a good way. the vinyl itself is clear blue but there is a streak of black.

energy race the sun

this is energy's race the sun ep. it was their first release on b9 and came out before the album invasions of the mind. i really dig energy they have that old afi sound and i really dig that because old afi was good. they are also big misfits fans and have been known to do a cover or two at a show. speaking of covers this album has a cover of the song "do you wanna dance?" all in all its a decent record the full length that came after is pretty good to. energy is another band that in my opinion should be a little more popular then they seem to be. i picked this one up when i saw them in some hole in the wall venue in brooklyn and the record itself is purple.

this is hell warbirds

this one came out right before the new album which if im right comes out in a few days. this one i also picked up at hot topic because the color was hot topic release only so me and kawika figured why not. and as you can see its red with white splatter. there are 3 original songs plus two covers the first being warzone's " crazy but not insane" and INXS " never tear us apart". yea i know and INXS cover by a hardcore band might seem a little off but its not bad.

grave maker home is where the heartache is

canadas grave maker just put this one out not too long ago. i picked this one up when i saw the for the first time at santos party house with mother of mercy and comeback kid. it was a great show and they were great live. this album is pretty good too. i really dig the packaging and design of this one. theres something about the colors i just really dig. the back has a quote from albert pike. i dont know who that is but its a cool quote. this record came in clear and white. originally i had the clear one but traded mine with kawika for his white one.

bane boston 6:58 pm

this is one of banes newest releases. the way they did this one was theres a few different releases for the same album. for example dublin 11:58 pm is the same as this one. this one i picked up at once again generation records in the city. im a big bane fan and this record didnt disappoint especially the song "the young and the restless". hearing the line about running with dragons just seemed so much better on vinyl then it did on my ipod. another thing about theis record is that all the songs are named after day time soaps and i dont really understand why. this one came out on tripple b records and as you can see is all black.