sinking ships "ten"

found this one at generation records in the nyc. i was stoked because i really dig sinking ships.

greatest day ever/ kids like us vs the mongoloids

so i found my parents record collection and oh boy did i have a field day. luckily despite the fact that some where in the attic and they where warped they still sound great. so heres my new plan everyday im gunna pick a record or an artist and post it. so i figure ill start with the first record i ever bought. it is the kids like us vs the mongoloids split where they cover each other. it came out on ghetto josh records i picked it up at the show they played at the church in edison when they played with cold world and war hungry it was a good time. oh and just on a side note the record looks like its two colors but its not its just the flash from my computers camera . its really just clear.