RZL DZL demo

ok so this is yet another in the line of records i got from chris masi. this is one of the two demos that make up the Both album. im not really sure what to say about this other than its just good hardcore that you can either pit or party to. if you want a better description check it out on the Lockin' Out site here http://www.lockinout.com/lor020store.html . keep in mind too that RZL DZL is just two dudes named Will and Haroun. as for the color i honestly cant tell if its orange or yellow because its a clear vinyl.

War Pigs No Hope, No Faith, No Point

so this is another one i got off my friend masi a while ago. i really like this band. ill even go so far as to say that if this style of band was the next big thing i would be totally ok with it. the thing about them i like is that their sound is what you would get if motorhead or black sabbath(or both combined) was a hardcore band that also had this kinda bluesy vibe going on. it rules and i honestly cant get enough of bands like this. too bad they arent really a band anymore or at least i dont think they are. anyway this is a solid little 7in and if anyone out there is trying to hook me up with their Degeneration album i would greatly appreciate it. this ones pink but for some reason my camera is weird and it might look white.

Daytrader demo

ok so i picked this up at the show they just played in long island at the bergan country club. i was initially introduced to this band by my friend matt carlock when he would play them in my car. now before they played i was curious as to wether or not they would sound as good as they do recorded. they do so needless to say i enjoyed their set. the thing i enjoy about this band is that they have that punk/rock sound going for them and they do it well. i would much rather see bands like this go somewhere than all those new pop punk bands that just sound like new found glory.