Transit Promise Nothing ep

this was the first record i picked up on record store day at Looney Tunes. its just two songs. the first one is what i expect when i listen to transit in that its something i can start singing along to almost immediately. musically theres a lot more going on than the standard pop punk band has going on....ever. theres also that little "breakdown" at the end of the song that is just so much more than the ones you see a lot of these new pop punk bands doing. i dont know how to explain it better than just saying that its just more melodic. the second song is slower but still has the same thing going on in that it doesnt take long to start singing along and its melodic just at a different pace. oh yea this is also their first release on Rise Records.


this is what i picked up today. almost didnt get the tt/wavves split but luckily one of the employees at Looney Tunes was walking around with what i can only assume was the last of the 6 that the store had. obviously i didnt get to listen to them yet and im gunna have to wait until someone uploads them somewhere to get it on my itunes. more on these two by about monday.

Alpha & Omega Life Swallower

this is the latest record from california's A&O. i picked it up at the show they headlined with expire and take offense at ethical humanist. this album starts with a pretty gnarly boom to your ears. not a literal boom just a gnarly boom of riffage. another thing i like about this album is something i have noticed with some bands lately, and that is that there is some serious head bang potential. of this i approve. in all seriousness though A&O has that thrash metal thing going for them and they do it well. i might not be the best a reviewing music but i do know when something sounds gnarly and what makes it gnarly. so i guess you could say they have taken the gnarness and harnessed it. plus the past few times i have seen them they open with pantera, and god knows how much i love pantera. vinyls a marbley black on purple.

Expire Grim Rhythm & Suffer the Cycle

i picked both of these up at the show they played last week with Alpha&Omega and Take Offense at the Ethical Humanist Society in Garden City. It being the first time id ever seen them i thought they were gnarly plus they covered Hatebreed. As far as style wise they have that NY style i hear a lot of these days, which isnt a bad thing especially because while, at least to me, it sounds like its a big part of what they have going on it's not the only thing happening. This is most likely due to the fact that they hail from the midwest. So they got some east coast/ west coast mixing going on. I dig it. My only issue with both albums was that I felt it was over just as i was getting into it when I played both straight through on my ipod. I'm not saying this is bad, I'm just saying it leaves me wanting more. The new 7in is green and black but the way it mixed makes it look completely black unless you hold it up to a light, and the Grim Rhythm one is white.

Black Breath Heavy Breathing

So last night i saw Black Breath for the first time at the downstairs venue at Webster Hall. I was first introduced to them by a friend of mine when he played i am beyond in my car one day as he told me it was "one of the heaviest songs he's ever heard". Needless to say he had a point, and if you listen to them you know what he's talking about. Now if you have ever seen them life you also know how much heavier they are live. But its not just about being heavy its also about gnarly riffs that can range from thrash to death metal. So pretty much what im saying is that they do the metallic hardcore thing very well, and i can only imagine how gnarly the next release from them is going to be. it's blue.