bitter end guilty as charged

so this is the new album from bitter end. i picked this up at the show they played with donnybrook! and the mongoloids. i like what they did with this one even though i thought that it could have had more riffs like the previous album. what they did do was get more metal which isnt all that bad. to be honest i havent really listened to this album all that much so more likely then not i will add more to this after i have listened more. i really dig the color it is a coke bottle clear with some black in the middle.

so i just listened to most of this in the car and i feel that i can more accuratly describe whats going on. first of all, one of the things that makes this bands style is Daniel Rosen's lyrics and vocal style. i have noticed that there are politically and socially themed songs, and even though im sure there are other bands i listen to that do the same there is something about Bitter End that just makes me notice it more. this brings me to Rosen's vocals. now i have noticed that it doesnt seem like screaming but more like he's talking loudly. the best comparison i can think to make is like the singer of death threat. the other thing about this album is that it seems that they got heavier and a little bit more metal. its not something i can really explain but if you listen to the album and keep this in mind it should make sense.


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