blacklisted no one deserves to be here more than me

now i normally wouldnt do two in one day but i figure i missed a day so ill make up for it. plus i feel like this album pertains to a conversation i had last night. so i got this album when they play in amityville. except we got there late and it was over when we got there. so we went in anyway and just hit up the merch table. im really into what they did on this album. it feels like a blacklisted album even though its not really heavy at all. i have heard some people say that they just want to prove they can be different. now that may be so but who cares. its not like they really changed their style at all. they just slowed things down. lyrically they are still the same and musically it feels the same and thats what i think is special about the album. it gives me the same feeling i get when i listen to older blacklisted and thats what is so good about this album. this one is orange with black splatter.


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