coa/pow split

this is yet another record that came from the double or nothing booth at last years this is hardcore. originally me and my friend bushover ordered the package deal with all 3 colors but it was sold out and he ended up getting his money back. this one as you can see is on clear yellow, and the sides are labeled boy to man (pow side) and man to beast(coa side). Colin of Arabia has 2 songs on and Product of Waste has 3. the first coa song is save it for the judge, now the thing about this song is i know somewhere i heard a version that has this intro where someone (im assuming colin)goes stop play it like this or something along those lines. anyway its a good album makes for a good little jam.

also it was recently brought to my attention that i have apparently been incorrectly saying vinyls instead of just vinyl. i apologize to any and all i may have offended.


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