Alpha & Omega Life Swallower

this is the latest record from california's A&O. i picked it up at the show they headlined with expire and take offense at ethical humanist. this album starts with a pretty gnarly boom to your ears. not a literal boom just a gnarly boom of riffage. another thing i like about this album is something i have noticed with some bands lately, and that is that there is some serious head bang potential. of this i approve. in all seriousness though A&O has that thrash metal thing going for them and they do it well. i might not be the best a reviewing music but i do know when something sounds gnarly and what makes it gnarly. so i guess you could say they have taken the gnarness and harnessed it. plus the past few times i have seen them they open with pantera, and god knows how much i love pantera. vinyls a marbley black on purple.


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